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Historical and political ties between Norway and North America are strongs, but the new generations have a weaker connection and interest. The Norway-America Association's purpose is to promote mutual knowledge and understanding between Norway and North America. NORAM works to ensure that new generations will get to know each other on both sides of the Atlantic, i.a. through study and research stays for Norwegians and Americans over longer periods of time. For over 100 years, NORAM has worked for transatlantic cooperation and helped more than 5,000 students with scholarships and advising. 

In 2020, Norwegians Worldwide (NWW) and the Norway-America Association (NORAM) merged, forming a joint organization to strengthen the relationship between Norway and North America.

The new, merged organization is called the Norway-America Association (NORAM). 

The Association shall work for: 

  • School pupils: Promote Norwegian language, culture and outdoor life through further operation of Norgesskolen, a summer school in Telemark for pupils with connections to Norway, living abroad.

  • Students: Continue the work of administering scholarships from Norge-Amerika Stiftelsen and coperating foundations in the United States, offer free advising on study opportunities in North America and Nowray, and provide up-to-date information to pupils, students and advisers across the country.

  • Alumni: Establish new arenas and networks to promote lifelong learning.

  • Network: Strenghten and develop networks between Norway and North America for members and alumni, and with partner organizations and universities. 

Nordmanns-Forbundet/Norwegians Worldwide (NWW) 

NWW was a non-profit worldwide membership and interest organization established in 1907, and a cultural link between Norway and Norwegians living abroad. The purpose was to gather Norwegians and friends of Norway to work together for Norwegian culture and Norwegian interests. The organization also worked to promote knowledge and acceptance that Norwegians living abroad are of great value to Norway, whether they are still living abroad or have returned home. Within this broad framework, transatlantic cooperation was of special interest because of the many Norwegians living in the United States.

The history of the Norway-America Association

The Norway-America Association is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1919 by The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) and Norwegians Worldwide. The organizations wanted to establish a foundation to support and encourage student exchange between Norway and the United States. The foundation, which at first was called the Norway-America Foundation, was started in 1919. King Haakon VII was the foundation's Royal Patron, and the Association has since then been honored with a Royal Patron. 

In 1946, the Norway-America Fund (Norge-Amerika Fondet), the America Comittee (Amerika-komiteen) and Association for Cooperation between Norway and the United States (Foreningen for Samarbeid mellom De Forente Stater og Norge) merged to what is today known as the Norway-America Association. The purpose was clearly statued in the first paragraph of the bylaws: "the Assocaition's purpose is to promote cultural and practical cooperation between Norway and the United States. Particular emphasis shall be placed on giving the association a nationwide character". 

The Norway-America Association's work

The Norway-America Association has over time fundraised for scholarship funds/endowments with various purpses. In 2013, these were brought together in the Norway-America Foundation (Norge-Amerika Stiftelsen). Since 1954, NORAM has worked towards both the United States and Canada through educational programs. 

The scholarships that are awarded each year come from foundations in the U.S. and Norway, and have helped more than 5,000 students finance their higher education. 

The organization is financed i.a. by sponsors and members of the organization. Anyone with an interest in transatlantic cooperation is welcome as a member of NORAM. 

In 2019, NORAM celebrated its 100th anniversary and published the anniversary book "A Journey Through Higher Education. Norwegian-American Academic exchange 1919-2019" by Kjetil A. Flatin. To order the book, send us an e-mail at

Norgesskolen - a door opener to Norwegian language, culture and higher education in Norway

Norgesskolen is a unique summer school with a focus on Norwegian language, culture and social life for youth between the ages of 9 and 18. Since 2003, Norgesskolen has offered students comprehensive teaching program adapted to age and language level. We use the language immersion method, which both teachers and activity leaders work according to. Students also take part in an activity program focused on outdoor life, and at Norgesskolen they get to experience an authentic Norwegian summer. We go on hiking trips, tent trips, we swim in cold mountain waters and celebrate Easter, Constitution Day (May 17th) and Christmas. 

Norgesskolen gives students a strong connection to Norway, and is a social arena where students form friendships to last a lifetime. 

Approved as an advising center by: 

NORAM is an advising center for EducationUSA Norway.

NORAM is approved by ANSA in accordance with their ethical guidelines. 


NORAM became an official EducationUSA Norway center in February 2016, and cooperates with the U.S. Embassy in Oslo. 

EducationUSA is an official U.S. Department of State network with more than 400 international advising centers worldwide. The network promotes higher education in the U.S. by providing accurate and up-to-date information about study opportunities in the United States. EducationUSA Norway aims to help all students by answering questions about financial aid, finding schools, the application process and other relevant questions pertaining to higher education in the U.S. We also host informational meetings and fairs for schools, students and advisers. 

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Kong Harald V

The Norway-America Association's Royal patron – H.M. King Harald V

Photo: Sølve Sundsbø / The Royal Court


«A Journey Through Higher Education. Norwegian-American Academic exchange 1919 – 2019» by Kjetil A. Flatin. To order the book, send us an e-mail at

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