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NORAM partner school program

NORAM works with a selection of universities and colleges to make higher education in the U.S. and Canada accessible and more affordable for Norwegian students.


The purpose of the partnership program is to ensure accessibility to high quality educational institutions in North America for Norwegian students without having to acquire big loans from Lånekassen (the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund).


Most of our partner schools:

  • Waive the application fee

  • Waive the TOEFL and SAT/ACT requirements as long as students have a grade of 4 or higher from videregående skole (high school). The average TOEFL score in Norway is 92.

  • Award scholarships to Norwegian students

  • Offer sophomore standing, allowing students to finish their Bachelor’s degree in three years

  • All partner schools allow students to apply using the NORAM application form. Some require additional online forms.


We aim to make the application process easier for students. In order to do so, we allow students to apply for admission to up to three of our partner schools for free, using just one form.


The NORAM undergraduate application includes the NORAM application form, signed and stamped copies of transcripts/diplomas in English and Norwegian, preliminary statement of financial support from Lånekassen, passport copy and two letters of recommendation. Students submit a personal statement and university preference list as part of the application form.


Once students have their documentation gathered, they submit their materials directly to NORAM. NORAM then makes sure the application is valid and complete. We then submit the application in PDF form to the schools.


NORAM offers:

  • We promote our partner schools at education fairs and school visits, in-person and virtual advising sessions, in printed marketing material, on our website and on social media

  • As the only EducationUSA advising center in Norway, we are in contact with many students weekly and work to find the right fit for them based on their needs

  • We are always open to collaborating on recruitment events, whether that be webinars, joint outreach to high schools in Norway or hosting information sessions at our office in Oslo when schools are visiting

  • Digital outreach efforts such as our Instagram takeover series


NORAM is not an agent, and we can never guarantee any number of applications to our partner schools.


To become a NORAM partner school, we ask for an annual partnership fee of USD 850 to help support our activities in promoting educational opportunities between North America and Norway. Partnerships are renewed every fall for the following academic year.


Any questions may be directed to

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