Norge Amerika Foreningen

Summer Course for Teachers

American Studies Institute for Scandinavian-Nordic Educators

This years course is is cancelled, and Luther College will do an evaluation of the program. We hope to see the program in 2015, revamped and exciting.

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The Summer Institute

2010 Institute ParticipantsThe Institute provides participants with an increased understanding of the diversity and complexity of the United States. It emphasizes challenges, obstacles, and opportunities in contemporary American life and attempts to portray the nation and its people objectively-the successes and the failures, the problems and the potential.

Course participants may use the modern language laboratory to work on their English skills. The college computer facilities and software are also available to participants. There are usually several lectures on computer use in language education, and sessions on other educational computer uses can be arranged depending upon interest and availability of instructors.



2009 Institute Participants in front of Herbert Hoover's childhood home.The course is designed primarily for teachers and school administrators from Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden. Annually, up to 40 selected participants attend; they represent all levels of education and all types of schools, both public and private. The only requirements are an adequate speaking knowledge of English and an interest in gaining a better understanding of the U.S. and its people. Students who have recently completed their teacher training are also welcome to apply.

Spouses, partners, and participant children who are at least 12 years old are welcome to accompany program participants. They are eligible to participate in all field trips plus social and cultural activities but not program lectures.


ChicagoThe course starts with a visit to Chicago, Illinois. Here the participants can get over their jetlag, get to know each other, and do some sightseeing in this quintessential American city.

During the stay in Decorah,  there are excursions and cultural events. Visits are made to sites of historic interest nearby, such as the Mississippi, a typical prairie homestead, the Norwegian museum Vesterheim, visits to Amish farms, native American reservations, schools, and churches.

Optionally, participants can go to Madison, WI or New York City at the conclusion of the course, or travel on their own.

Luther College

Luther College sports fans. Luther College is a fully-accredited university-level institution, offering the baccalaureate degree. The four year school has an enrollment of 2,400 students. Students and faculty represent a who are variety of religious, ethnic, and racial groups.

The Lectures

Lectures are presented by faculty members from Luther College (most of whom have Ph.D. degrees) and by professionals and leaders. Lecture topics include:

  • Native American Indians
  • Aspects of American Literature
  • American Jazz
  • The U.S. Education System
  • Sports in America
  • The Social Welfare System
  • State and Local Government
  • Renewable Energy Options
  • The U.S. Political System
  • The Black Church in America
  • The Amish in America
  • American Foreign Policy
  • U.S. Science and Technology
  • Religion in American Society
  • Modern U.S. Art and Architecture
  • U.S. Second Language Teaching
  • Immigration and Cultural Diversity
  • Social Welfare System